Forget the risk and take the fall. If it’s what you want, then it’s worth it all.

Baby Boomers are ready to come home

Boomers are ready to give-up the hectic life of the professional rat race and are moving towards a more stress-free lifesyle as they approach their golden years. They now have assets to put behind their dreams. Most have decided to live in beauty rather than make a lot of money.

"Give Me a Parcel of Land and a Tiny House any day... now that's what I call retirement!”

Build My Tiny Home @ Elegant Rustic Cabins®

Depending on the type of tiny home you’re looking for and what state you’re looking to build in, the laws can vary greatly. Certain states are more friendly toward the idea of tiny houses, so you really need to understand the laws specific to your location. Two important factors to consider are your locations building codes and zoning regulations.

When you're ready to proceed with the creation of your tiny home

  • Pick the cabin or steel home floor plan you desire.
  • Select your exterior siding and your roof colors (links provided below each floor plan). 
  • Select the material and colors of your interiors walls & floors (links provided below each floor plan)
  • We then build and complete the cabins per each order. 

Upon completion we then ship the cabin to our customer's completely prepped properties, ready to be hooked-up to the property's utilities, water, sewer, etc.  

Please note: Plan ahead. Be focused and ready as Elegant Rustic Cabins does NOT do any property work (i.e.,  landscaping, etc.) whatsoever.

Select Your Floor-plan